Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF) for Vinyl Acetate

We need your help to define the cost of the Letter of Access

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The lead company is currently in the process of determining the costs for a Letter of Access to the vinyl acetate REACH Registration dossier.

One relevant step is determining the number of registrations to be submitted in 2010. SIEF members who indicated their status as "involved" were contacted directly to identify their registration intentions for 2010.

SIEF members with status "dormant" or "passive" who intend to register in 2010 are requested to notify the lead company via as soon as possible.

This information will help determining the cost for the Letter of Access. Thank you for your cooperation.


SIEF creation is mandatory by legislation.

All parties who pre-registered for vinyl acetate are by definition members of the SIEF. Others eg data holders, may choose to join the SIEF.

The SIEF will promote, monitor, and keep its members aware of the following.

  • Progress towards registration.
  • Data sharing arrangements amongst potential registrants.
  • Compensation arrangements for data that will be used by others
  • Joint submission.

The SIEF is led by the Lead Registrant – we expect to confirm that Celanese has taken this role, subject to confirmation by the SIEF.

What is the vinyl acetate SIEF doing?

An electronic survey, survey 1, was launched in April 2009. This survey requested, among other items, the level of involvement that pre-SIEF members required for their companies. If you have not received a survey, or were unable to complete the questionnaire, you can request to complete a manual response. If you have not already contacted the SIEF, please use the contact form on this page.

Sameness Discussions’

The vinyl acetate SIEF management team is currently preparing to engage the SIEF in discussions on ‘sameness’. We are identifying the IT platform(s) to support these and subsequent discussions within our SIEF.

Technical dossier preparation

The ‘Aims’ page displays a simplified version of our ‘road map’ to registration. The ‘Timetable’ page displays the proposed time lines for preparation of the submission. The news page carries regular updates on actual progress to date.

We have created, and regularly update, a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQ’s) page on this website. Reference to this page may answer some of your questions, without using e-mail.

New! Details on Cost Calculation for Vinyl Acetate REACH Dossier - 22-12-2010 [PDF]

Identified Uses for REACH registration - 29-01-2010 [PDF]