Aims/Function of the Consortia

The Acetyls Reach Consortia aim to ensure a harmonised and ‘fit for purpose’ and cost-effective approach to REACH registration.

Acetyls Reach Consortia Road Map to Technical Dossier Production

  1. Gather information. This includes conducting updated literature search to identify any newly published studies.
  2. Data Review.  Identify and review key papers and any available industry reports.  Assign quality ratings and identify data gaps.  Prepare robust summaries of the key studies.
  3. Prepare IUCLID5 Datasets.  Enter the required information into IUCLID 5 to create the shared technical data set for the consortium to use (one for each of the three substances concerned ).
  4. Classification & Labelling.  Review the classification and labelling of the substance and propose classifications.
  5. CSA/CSR/SDS preparation.  Draft Chemical Safety Assessments and Chemical Safety Reports for each substance, together with a model SDS.