Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF) for Acetic Acid

SIEF creation is mandatory by legislation.

All parties who pre-registered for acetic acid are by definition members of the SIEF. Others eg data holders, may choose to join the SIEF.

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The SIEF will promote, monitor, and keep its members aware of the following.

  • Progress towards registration.
  • Data sharing arrangements amongst potential registrants.
  • Compensation arrangements for data that will be used by others
  • Joint submission.

The SIEF is led by the Lead Registrant.

Updated: May 2010:

What is the Acetic Acid SIEF doing?

An initial electronic survey of the SIEF was launched in April 2009. This survey has been followed by a survey during March 2010 intended to establish the registration intents of SIEF members. The March 2010 survey was carried out by REACH Centrum on behalf of the Lead Company for acetic acid, BP Chemicals Limited.

In this March 2010 survey, BP Chemicals Limited was confirmed as the Lead Company by the respondents.

Future Communication with the Acetic Acid SIEF

The main route of communication with the acetic acid SIEF will be via REACH Centrum who will email SIEF members at the email address that has been used by the SIEF member’s Legal Entity on the REACH IT system at European Chemicals Agency. Please ensure that your email address on REACH IT system is correct and that the relevant mailbox is monitored on a regular basis. If the email address is incorrect or the mailbox is not checked regularly you may miss important communications that are essential to your participation in the SIEF and your access to the joint registration material to be used for REACH Registration.

Substance Sameness

The Joint Registration will apply to acetic acid (CAS 64-19-7; EINECS 200-580-7 ). A purity of ≥ 80% acetic acid is given in accordance with ECHA Guidance on Substance Identification. All pre-SIEF members who fulfil this definition will be able to join the SIEF.

The joint part of the Registration dossier is prepared with reference to acetic acid > 99% purity.

It is the responsibility of each Registrant to ensure that they could justify to Regulators that the joint part of the Registration dossier is also applicable to the substance that the relevant Registrant is registering. Such justification would include, but not be limited to, confirming that the correct Classification & Labelling has been applied to the Registrant's substance.

Uses Supported by the Joint Submission

Acetic Acid Consortium members have determined a set of uses and use mappings that would appear to cover the majority of likely applications for acetic acid.

These are described in the attached document. It is proposed that, provided these uses can be demonstrated as being safe, they will be incorporated in the Joint Registration dossier. Other uses may either fit within the mapping described for one of these uses or else may need to be subject of a separate Exposure Scenario that will need to be filed by the Registrant as part of its Chemical Safety Report (CSR.

Proposed GESs for Acetic Acid - Cas No. 64-19-7 [PDF] (version 2 - 12 May 2010)

Dossier Preparation

The Acetic Acid Consortium has been developing a Joint Registration dossier for acetic acid. Shared text for a Chemical Safety Report will also be prepared though, it is intended that each Registrant will submit this separately (allowing for instance for the addition of confidential company specific exposure scenarios).

The IUCLID dossier is currently in revision and is planned to be available for Lead Company submission in early July 2010 and to other SIEF members thereafter. .

Letters Of Access

The focus of the Acetic Acid Consortium is currently on providing a Joint Registration dossier for the 2010 (>1000 tonnes/year/legal entity) deadline. Details on plans to support 2013 and 2018 registration submissions will follow at a later date.

Using information from the March 2010 SIEF survey and estimated costs it is currently estimated that a letter of access for a full substance registration for acetic acid at the > 1000 tonnes level will cost €50,000.

Please note that the above figure is based both on a certain number of participants taking a Letter of Access and estimated costs as at April 2010. Both the number of such participants and the costs may vary and thus the above figure is only an indicative price and should not be relied upon.

SIEF Members will be contacted by email in the following weeks and asked to confirm their wish to use a Letter of Access for the joint submission for the 2010 Registration deadline. Sign up and payment is planned to be via REACH Centrum.

Technical dossier preparation

The ‘Aims’ page displays a simplified version of our ‘road map’ to registration. The ‘Timetable’ page displays the proposed time lines for preparation of the submission. The news page carries regular updates on actual progress to date.

We have created, and regularly update, a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQ’s) page on this website. Reference to this page may answer some of your questions, without using e-mail.